I operate two full-time digipeaters/igates.

Newbury, Ohio

This digipeater uses the call sign NEWBRY.  It also acts as a receive and transmit igate – that means that if you are in its local coverage area and are transmitting directly onto APRS-IS, NEWBRY will retransmit those packets on RF – this allows stations using smart phone apps (like Ham Tracker or APRSDroid) to interface with RF.

The digipeater currently supports up to WIDE3-3 and OH7-7 if you’d like to use the statewide path.

Shaker Heights, Ohio

This uses the callsign SHAKER, and is also a receive and transmit igate.  Because it is low-profile, it acts as a fill-in digipeater using a viscous delay. That means that if you transmit a packet and SHAKER hears you, it waits several seconds before repeating your packet. If no other digipeater repeats your packet in that time, only then will SHAKER transmit it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

My Station

My home station is KD8TWG, and my mobile is KD8TWG-9.