“F2” 52.68 Repeater in Newbury, Ohio

The 52.68 repeater, located in Newbury Ohio, is a high-power and high-profile system that covers the majority of Northeast and North Central Ohio, as well as extreme Northwest Pennsylvania. It is a voted system with approximately 20 remote inputs scattered around its coverage area.

It is full-time linked to the 444.975 UHF repeater at the same location which covers Geauga and a few surrounding counties. UHF or “U2” uses an input frequency of 449.975 and has a DPL/DCS of 251 – but make sure to listen in carrier squelch.

The repeater is open – anyone is welcome to use it, but Cleveland Skywarn takes priority. We do ask that you keep the content clean and interesting!

Echolink and AllStarLink

EchoLink (AD8G-R) and AllStarLink (42072) are both available, however our current policy is that they may only be used by Skywarn personnel who are unable to reach the repeater via RF.

Contact me to request access.

Current System Status

The following inputs are currently off the air: Clarksfield, Wadsworth, West Lodi.

Vital Statistics

Output Frequency52.68MHz
Input Frequency52.92MHz
Remote Inputs17
RF Amplifier Output Power~1200 watts, driven by six 4CX250B tubes
Antenna Height~700ft AGL
Tower Base Elevation~1260ft ASL
SponsorSMART – Six Meter Amateur Radio Team – Bill K8SGX (owner), Jack Sabo N8XUA, Dave AD8G (I hold the flashlight)

See also: History of F2.