Allstar Permanent Node Connection

Here’s how to ensure your Allstar node maintains a permanent connection to another node.

If you want to have your Allstar node automatically connect (and stay connected) to a remote node, you’ll need to add a couple of things to your rpt.conf.

First, create macros in your [functionsXXXXXX] section (where XXXXXX is your node number) for permanent node connections.  I used 951, 952, and 953:

; Permanent link
951=ilink,11 ; Permanent link disconnect
952=ilink,12 ; Permanent link receive
953=ilink,13 ; Permanent link transceive

Then, in your node configuration (in the [XXXXXX] section, where XXXXXX is your node number), simply add:


Where NNNNNN is the node with which you want to establish a permanent connection.

Then reload app_rpt or restart asterisk.

This information was gathered from a post on the allstarnode forums.


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