Kenwood TM-D710/TH-D72 APRS Queries

One feature of many APRS-capable applications and radios is that they support specially-formatted APRS messages called queries or QRU. When the radio receives this message, the text “Q? ” will flash on the top of the screen.  Here are the message you can send.

?APRSM – Re-queues any pending messages.

?APRSP – Triggers immediate position beacon – this appears to work even if beaconing is disabled.

?APRSS – Triggers a status packet (with whatever status text you have set – TH-D72: Menu 39, TM-D710: Menu 608)

?APRST – Returns the path over which the packet was heard.

Another observation: If you have multiple radios with multiple SSIDs (say KD8TWG-1 and KD8TWG-2), *both* radios will respond to a message sent to one or the other.  I’m not sure if this is standard or if it’s a Kenwood thing.

Do you know of any other queries these radios respond to?  If so, please leave a comment below!

For reference, here is where I found these commands:

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